Tobii Pro Onboarding Program

An intensive 4-week online program that will equip you with the mindset, techniques, and tools to kick-start your journey with eye tracking.  

  • Objective: Learn how to perform your first eye tracking study and present it
  • Commitment: 4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours per week
  • Language: English
  • Systems: Screen-based (remote) eye trackers and Tobii Pro Lab; Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker and Pro Lab; and Screen-based (remote) eye trackers and Tobii Pro Studio
  • Pre-requisites:  access to a screen based eye tracker, Tobii Pro Lab software and license key; or to a Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker, Pro Lab software and license key; or access to a screen based eye tracker, Tobii Pro Studio software and license key

About this course

The Tobii Pro Onboarding program helps new users of Tobii Pro eye tracking get started on the right foot. This program gives you access to a wealth of learning resources on our hardware, software, study design, data collection, analysis, and much more.

Enrollment is free for all Tobii Pro users and benefits include:

  • Practice in a safe environment and with relevant materials
  • Access to Webinars and hands-on exercises
  • Step-by-step learning and best practice guides
  • Reference materials like white papers and research article

If you have purchased an onsite training we recommend you to take this course after the training, as a tool to further cement the knowledge acquired during the training. 

Getting started in eye tracking can be as daunting as it is thrilling. Our program was designed to provide Tobii Pro customers with the knowledge and support to build up your confidence and eye tracking competence as quickly as possible.

This course will accelerate your eye tracking adoption enabling you to reach your research goals faster.

I really enjoyed the program and felt it was very well pitched for me as a relatively novice researcher in the area.
(...)The program helped me to see what I also didn't know which will be vital as I move forward in my PhD.

Aine Kearns, PhD Candidate in Medicine and Health, University College Cork

How you will learn

Four weeks of intensive learning-by-doing with relevant materials and tasks.

The course demands high commitment and engagement while being designed to be flexible. You will receive weekly emails to enable you to keep to schedule, however most will happen on your own time. Expect to dedicate 3-5 hours per week for webinars, readings and solo work. There are also additional tasks and suplementary materials that you can work on if you have some extra time to spare and wish to learn more.

Learn by doing!

Put ideas and tools into practice with weekly tasks to build your competence with the eye tracker and software and accelerate your learning process.


How to enroll

Fill in the form below and set the start date when you want to begin your 4 weeks hands-on program. Choose one of the two following options according to your equipment:

  • Screen-based (remote) eye trackers and Tobii Pro Lab
  • Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker and Pro Lab
  • Screen-based (remote) eye trackers and Tobii Pro Studio

If you have both systems choose the one you wish to learn first.

Once you have clicked on enroll, you will shortly after receive a confirmation email with some important information about the program. One week before the start you will also receive a welcome email with further details and materials for the course.

If you have purchased an onsite training, we recommend you to set the start date after you have received the training.

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