Qualisys Integration Kit

This Integration Kit enables for an easy integration of eye tracking data from Tobii Pro Glasses 2 wearable eye tracker with motion capture data from Qualisys.


Streaming and synchronizing data 

With Qualisys Integration Kit eye tracking data collected with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 can be streamed together and easily synchronized with the motion capture data in Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) software.

The Qualisys Integration Kit package consists of two sets of markers designed to be easily mounted on Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and a sync cable ensuring both data streams are synchronized based on time stamps. Reflective markers are added onto the eye tracking glasses and then, the motion capture cameras track the complex movements of these markers and translates them into an extremely accurate, computer-generated 3D wire frame model. This makes it possible to stream data in real time from both systems into the QTM software, where the data can be visualized and the eye tracking and gaze vector data can be exported to various other analysis software platforms, such as MATLAB.

Qualisys Integraion kit used with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker
A basketball player wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with reflective markers for motion capture from Qualisys

Eye and body movements analysis

Combining eye tracking and motion capture data allows researchers to analyze the coordination between eye and body movements and get a better understanding of an individual's behavior. Examples where eye tracking and motion capture data has been combined:

Sports – get insights on hand-eye coordination, and better understand of performance in sports where these skills are crucial such as ball-striking, golf-swing or table tennis.

Medical – extract tacit knowledge from skilled surgeons and translate their hand-eye coordination to training material. Identify visuomotor disorders and evaluate progress in physical rehabilitation.

Training and simulation – simulate unexpected scenarios in controlled environments and by using both human motion and gaze behavior, better understand individual performance, train skills and improve safety.

Psychology – understand what visual stimuli trigger body language, explore gesture-speech integration.

Parts & construction

Reflective markers 

One integration kit includes 6 passive spherical markers, 12,5 mm in diameter. Lightweight and durable, they are mounted on the markers holders, 3 per each side. 

Sync cable

A customized sync cable with a female BNC connector one side and 3,5 mm plug on the other side connects the recording unit of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with the computer where Qualisys Track Manager runs, ensuring data stamps sync.

More information

To place an order for the Qualisys Integration kit and Tobii Pro Glasses 2, please contact the sales team at Tobii Pro. 

For more detailed motion capture product information, please refer to Qualisys' website.

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